Watch What Happens When a Tourist Tries to Follow an Elephant in the Forest!

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Here is an amazing video of an elephant that charges a tourist to within one inch, and then walks away. Could you have stood still with such a huge animal rushing at you?

11 comments on "Watch What Happens When a Tourist Tries to Follow an Elephant in the Forest!"

  1. vaideeswaran.m.s says:

    The photographer was nonplussed. The elephant might have seen a lion its mortal enemy behind him..

  2. knsridhar says:

    strange are the ways of fate and the behavior of elephants

  3. sravi46 says:

    Animals amazingly can recognise the Good from Bad . Obviously sensing

    this youngster was an harmless person , it changed its views from an initial attack

    mood to let go attitude . The video was amazing & I salute the boy for his courage

    & the Elephant for its passion . Great lesson learnt watching the video

  4. subbarayulu.k says:

    Amazing.Thank you Gajendra

  5. KPSreedhar says:

    Nature is more friendly than humans.

  6. Prasanna says:

    The jumbo saw a friend with this boy having a tusk, with a camera in the end!

  7. aki says:

    I wouldn’t call the youngster’s attitude ‘courage’, that’s for sure.

  8. Kannan says:

    Was there a flash from camera behind? Still thinking for a reason that made elephant to go back.

  9. krishnarao says:

    Boy dint react and it saved him from elephant. Thank god. Yes i agree boy should not take such risk of his life.

  10. Pradipta says:

    it is a miracle

  11. galatan says:

    young elephant alone. Has it be an old one with a group of young, this man would have been dead.

    don’t play with elephants, stupid.

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