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Study Shows the Amazing Intelligence of Crows


In Hinduism crows play a very special role. They are considered the representatives of the forefathers, and offerings are made to the forefathers through the crows. For this reason it is recommended to feed various grains to the crows every day. Sani, the Lord of the planet Saturn, is depicted holding a crow. People who are suffering from negative effects of Saturn period are recommended to feed crows to appease Saturn.

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23 Amazing Views of Mono Lake in California


Mono Lake, located near Yosemite national park in California, has some of the most amazing sceneries around. Its hard to tell if the pictures were taken on earth or come from some distant planet in a science fiction movie. The unique landscape is due to the tufa rock formations, which are made up of mineral deposits.

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This Lion and Dog are Best Friends!


Honey the dog and Kwanza the white lion cub are the best of friends. Kwanza’s mother was originally rearing him until she stopped producing milk, which led him to being hand raised by the Darling Downs Zoo. During this period he has developed a special bond with the zoo dog ‘Honey’. Now they spend their time exploring, wrestling and playing together.

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Cute Porcupine Eats a Pumpkin Feast


Watch this video of an extremely cute porcupine named Teddy Bear enjoying a feast of his favorite pumpkin. He is so happy that he can’t control himself and keeps squeaking in joy. Such videos help us to understand that all life is sacred. Animals can experience the same happiness and sadness that humans experience.

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7 Most Terrifying and Bizarre Sea Monsters that Actually Exist

The following pictures show some of the most terrifying sea creatures which actually exist in our oceans. These are all real, and the photos haven’t been altered in any way. The last one has been added just to make you feel better, and to ensure you don’t have nightmares when you sleep tonight.

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