Introducing the wackiest and most hilarious new children’s show of the season, brought to you by the National Rifle Association – “Gun Safety with the NRA!” This new show will have your kids laughing out loud with the funniest hijinks and quirkiest characters while teaching them all about the importance of gun safety.

Join our zany cast of characters as they explore the world of guns and teach your children how to be safe while enjoying this amazing “toy”. From misfires to intentional “accidents”, our characters will show your kids how to handle any gun-related mishap with ease and grace.

And don’t worry, we’ll also show you what happens when you’re not safe with guns, but in a hilarious way that will have your kids learning without even realizing it. With our expert tips and tricks, your kids will be gun safety pros in no time!

So, get ready for some hilarious and informative fun with “Gun Safety with the NRA” coming this fall. Don’t miss out on this must-see show that your kids will love and learn from.